Car diagnostics in Bracknell

We’ll improve your car’s performance

Does your vehicle need a full diagnostic check? Contact us at Bracknell MOT Service and Repair Centre. We can detect and resolve a wide range of hidden electronic faults in your car to ensure everything continues running smoothly.

Affordable car diagnostic solutions

Comprehensive car diagnostics

Whether a light has flagged up on your dashboard, or you have noticed your vehicle not running as it normally does, our engine diagnostic services can detect issues and tell you what the problem is. Our fault-finding diagnostics can help you avoid potential breakdowns and expensive repairs in the future. You can also rely on our expert mechanics to assist you in preparing your car for MOT tests.

We can help you with:

  • Engine checks
  • Computer diagnostics
  • ECU diagnostics
  • Gearbox repairs
  • Fuel injection adjustments and more

We are also specialists in Mercedes-Benz cars.

For car diagnostics in Bracknell and Binfield, 

call us on 01344 301 402